Google Announces Change to Play Store Algorithm

Morpho Apps Mobile Studio gives insights about Google's latest announcement.


Earlier this month, Google announced that it is making a major change in the way it ranks apps in the Play Store.  The new algorithm rewards apps with high performance, which Google defines as lower rendering time, less battery usage, and fewer crashes. Google’s reasoning behind this? Apps with better quality have frequent users and are less likely to be uninstalled.


This is not the first time that Google has taken measures to prioritize quality over other factors used to rank apps in the Play Store. In February, Google announced a change in the algorithm that ranks gaming apps. The new algorithm prioritized in-app experience over downloads. This placed apps with more usable interfaces and stronger engagement metrics higher in the Play Store discovery.


The adjustments made to Google’s algorithms reflect the changing tides of mobile development, with a greater focus being placed on user engagement and experience. The app development process is now user-centric, beginning with research on user behavior that drives design thinking and the implementation of intelligent technologies. To keep your digital products from being affected by Google’s algorithm updates, be sure to partner with a developer with expertise in CX.


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